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Visibility and Visualisation – Luxury Unhinged

Some people talk about being at the “cusp of change”, without realising that what they are experiencing is just about to become passé.

In the world of luxury, or what economists would term as “snob goods” – cars, jewellery, watches, fashion clothing, brand visibility is always at the top of mind of businesses, especially for the big boys like LVMH, Kering. Even fast fashion retailer giant Inditex group that owns Zara and Massimo Dutti, extracts ideas from fashion runways of the main players and translates them into accessible realities.

While a great deal of discussion goes about brand visibility, you may end up missing the critical foundation upon which this “visibility” is built if you focus solely on the leaves instead of giving due attention to the forest floor which the roots are gripping onto.

Brand visibility at a macro level is one that is data-driven, and hence, actionable. To achieve a singular dashboard view of where your brand stands, you need to set up a visualisation channel through which decisions about the brand are then made.

Let’s take Balenciaga for example. It thrives with each controversial piece on the runway; from crocs to IKEA bags. And of course, by now we know that this distinction has allowed it to continue to charge exorbitant prices for otherwise frivolous items.

How does its marketing team realise the success or failure of a new product line before actual revenue figures are reported? Well, this is where visualisation for visibility takes place.

Here is a simplified flow diagram to demonstrate how visualisation can be done (Figure 1.1) for a luxury brand:

How is the visualisation of your organisational data flow like to support brand visibility?


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