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Future-proof your brand's website and digital engagement with Editor X

Is your business considering a website with greater versatility?

Are you looking for a web design revamp but are facing constraints from overly expensive design modules?

If your brand is stuck with a content management platform that requires expensive agency manhours in designing and maintenance, it will be prudent for you to consider shifting over to Editor X, the latest web platform for businesses of all sizes.

While our agency has dealt with other forms of web platforms like WordPress and Drupal, we have found Editor X to be a robust solution to the most website related needs of businesses, particularly if they also have an eCommerce store and content management system (blog) in place.

With ready-to-use integrated digital solutions that have your marketing/sales funnel designed in mind, you can acquire customers, engage, and manage them within the platform. From email marketing to loyalty programming, and from promotional automation to other business process steps, this platform presents a one-stop shop with an analytics overview for you to take your customer engagement to the next level.

Stay in touch with your customers with the live chat feature and contact forms. Nudge them to subscribe to your blog as you capitalise on content marketing as one of your communication pillars. In fact, the blog feature on Editor X has advanced tools that are intuitive to users and easy to use – create schedules, add tags, and share content across social platforms. In addition to this, you will appreciate the ability to manage your SEO in one place - editable meta tags, page titles, descriptions, automated site map and integration with Google Analytics, and Search Console.

Integrate other apps that your business may already be using. With the app marketplace available, Editor X is highly likely to support the integration for your various app tools.

Mobile responsiveness can be a pain especially when your brand is putting up stunning designs along with interactive elements. Editor X incorporates breakpoints to help manage mobile responsiveness across devices. As we design websites for our customers, we find this to be very useful as each breakpoint can be dealt with to reduce the visual friction experienced, especially when there are different components on the page.

When it comes to eCommerce, the Editor X store comes with an integrated shopping cart, shipping/tax adjustments, product management system, promotions, and loyalty program. With the recent integration with crypto payments as well, Bitcoin can now be used by your customers for transactions. This feature is likely to expand to include other cryptocurrencies.

Did we mention too that there is an owner's app that consolidates the most essential on-the-go functions like data analytics, sales tracking, customer engagement through live chats, as well as blogging?

Whether you are a small business owner or a large corporation, hitting a Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) strategy is the way to go. The app provides a powerful space where you and/or your team will be able to connect with customers on a very personal level. Be immersed in the customer journey as each customer engagement point is tracked through the funnel as you lead them through it. If content marketing is a powerful strategy to draw interest from your customers, use it to do so, and deploy the email marketing tool to draw them in to read more about the posts that you make. Position yourself or your brand in authentic manner imbued with being an authority in the field.

For example, if you are a skincare brand with products and services, using the blog function will allow your brand to share tips on how to treat different skin types. Engage your customers with videos, testimonials, and get them to sign-up for live tutorial by an invited guest. Hop over to your shop and create a subscription for your products. Use the analytics to tell you which customers are the most engaged and are likely to be brand ambassadors. Reward them with badges, and giveaways. Create community life about skincare and open up the forum section for further engagements to take place.

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