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Copywriting: Call-to-Action tips to increase your conversions

Of the various techniques and strategies on increasing conversions in a "click-first, click-fast, click-furious" world, we distill the most pertinent tips that form the bedrock of your copywriting skillset.

These can be used for digital ads, eDMs, landing pages, and blogs, amongst others.

Here they are:

1. Reduce friction

Unbeknownst to many marketers, introducing another layer or step in the process adds to a mental barrier and a resulting reluctance to proceed. When the call-to-action (CTA) reads - "Sign up", or "Get started", or "Submit this form", what this really translates to in the mind of the customer is "There's another step to this that I have to spend time going through."

If it is an offer that you are giving away to broaden your base and bring in as many signups as possible, you will need to reduce the cognitive and emotional burden of filling in more forms or jumping through many hoops. Think: what is the most straightforward, one-step approach to get them into the contact pool?

2. Demonstrate result

Instead of employing overused "sign up here" or an "enroll now" call-to-action copy, employ language that tells customers what they will get once they click in.

For example, "Compare results" or "Create mileage", etc. This adds to the compelling message to drive them to act.

3. Remove risks

Whenever a prospect or customer clicks on your CTA button, they are going be involved or invested in one or both these aspects - time and money. For some of them, it could be a sign-up towards a waitlist to join a group of like-minded people. For others, it could be paying for a product or a service.

Hence, the CTA button should remove the risks by being clear as to what prospects/customers are getting into by clicking on that button. It should not be vague as to cause people to second-guess. To do so, as a copywriter, you could add in copy components to the CTA. For example,

  • 30-day money back guarantee

  • 24 people signed up in the last 2 hours

  • No credit card required

  • 20-day free access, no obligations

These should come as bullet points beside your CTA.


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