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Advertising copywriting

There are different aspects of copywriting, and advertising copywriting is the art and science of establishing copy for the purpose of advertising that can inspire a positive response from customers. Like any other form of copywriting, the copywriter needs to apply creativity through nuance and context so that the copy resonates with and persuades the customer towards a specific course of action.

Researching and developing content for social media ads, print ads, YouTube infomercials, eDMs, LinkedIn posts, on a regular basis requires a level of efficiency that can come only through experience, constant refinement, and incessant sharpening. Here are a few types of advertising copywriting:

1. Persuasive – Changing perceptions. Meant to convince customers on a particular viewpoint.

2. Educational. Provides details to help customers with the consideration process. Positioning the brand as the go-to expert for solving the customer’s problem.

3. Sales-driven. Generate revenue.

The demand for top copywriters and copywriting agencies has grown significantly as companies seek out lead generation and conversions. An eMarketer 2021 report showed that digital ad spend ( would grow from $335b in 2019 to $645b in 2024. On average, nearly 30% of an advertising budget ends up in search engine optimisation (SEO) whilst nearly 20% goes to content production. What this translates to is that nearly half of the ad spend will be utilised in areas that require copywriting. This also means that generating compelling content and having content engagement with customers are priorities.

Creative brainstorming session
Copywriting strategy

Copywriting Strategy

In order to advance the effectiveness of your brand’s copywriting, you will need to establish a proper copywriting strategy. This strategy will empower the copywriting team to generate / grow traffic and convert leads.

Start with your online presence. In addition to your main website, there are a number of platforms that are widely available, it would be imperative to be found on the major ones for brand visibility. Constant enhancements and addition of fresh and relevant content will add to discoverability. Integration with social media platforms also make it easier for engagements and swift responses.

These platforms are also a good place for feedback and quick information dissemination. Content pieces can be adapted accordingly and posted simultaneously across platforms for message consistency, and can come in the form of written (long and short form) posts, videos, infographics, and photos/visuals, amongst others. This messaging strategy can be augmented with email engagement with customers through newsletters and content downloads.

Do encourage your customers to also share brand posts as this helps to establish a network effect in enhancing search engine optimisation rankings, and also build credibility. Evolve and grow with your customers and their ever-changing habits. This way, your brand will stand out and influence customers to consider the brand amongst the other choices out there in the market (brand preference/recall).

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