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Both an art and a science, copywriting is more than just drafting advertising and sales copy. It begins with setting a direction, working with choice words calculated for impact, and ends with ascertaining that the strategy worked.

Chatbot Copy

There are different chatbot solutions in the market, but many are terribly designed and do not fulfil the needs of the organisation in leading customers to where they need to get to.


One problem is that many companies are buying off-the-shelf solutions and engaging copywriters who do not adequately appreciate the nuances and flow.

SYL+JAS is one of the few agencies that offers this niche service.

Our process

We begin by determining your objectives of deploying a chatbot and will work with you to craft a user journey flow.


This will comprise the layers of questions that your customers are likely to ask and the answers that you will provide to those questions before drafting the chatbot copy that incorporates a brand tone of voice along with an in-built logic flow.

Chatbot copywriting is a niche service in the market. SYL+JAS is one of the very few offering this service


We hear the pain of many business leaders who want to get their word out in terms of speeches, thought leadership articles or even a book. For some of them, it is the lack of time given other pressing priorities, and for others, the craftsmanship in delivering quality content with the tone of voice befitting of a business leader. And we are here to help.

Our process

In our kickoff discovery sessions with business leaders for our ghostwriting projects, we seek to determine the objectives of their message along with its duration. The key point behind ghostwriting for business leaders is that while their messages come in the form of a speech, book, or thought leadership article, we approach their message from an impact-oriented perspective.


What this means is that whilst most leaders are thinking of putting out their message (for e.g., a book, or a thought leadership article) in a single format, we strategise to ensure that it is repurposed for optimal impact.


This will include other formats that the message can appear in (e.g. short form or long form content).

Storytelling is about designing the narrative and building the case for buy-in.

Media releases are meant to inform journalists / newsdesk editors of an event or a piece of potential news that is worthy of coverage.


The reason why many press releases are “distracting” to journalists is because they have been crafted to impress rather than inform. This results in the use of superlatives and leading journalists off tangent to another train of thought without getting to the point.

Our process

In our information discovery session with you, we will work with you to identify the key points that makes the topic in the media release unique and newsworthy.


This will include a level of research on the market that you are seeking to reach so as to provide concrete facts, as well as obtaining quotes from senior members in your organisation. These are points that journalists will appreciate given their tight deadlines.


In our drafting of your media release, we will employ an informative tone written succinctly and in the conventional inverted pyramid approach to ensure that key information remains upfront.

Press / Media releases

Storytelling – Presentation decks: keynote speeches, investor pitches

Tailoring presentation decks requires a storytelling approach that balances visuals and text.


Your slides should not be teleprompter text but should instead provide emotive, strong visual anchors to supplement what you are saying.


You want to connect with your audience because speaker-audience connections are powerful. They create the traction that your presentation needs so that you can bring your intended message across.

Our process

The art of storytelling requires you to build a strong case for what you are presenting.


We will work with you to identify the key points for your presentation and determine its goals: What would you like your audience to do with your message: Take a specific action? Change their mind with regards to an issue?


With the key points and goals established, we will then work backwards to nail the issue.


Employing different persuasion strategies like persona heroes to analogies, and invitations for the audience to be a part of something greater, amongst others, we will work with you to ensure that the presentation meets the ethos (rationale), pathos (emotion), logos (logic), mythos (culture) requirements.


We will also pull together the entire presentation with your corporate branding guide if there is one and if not, we will set the brand presentation template for you that will serve as a guide for future presentations.

SYL+JAS excels in Search Engine Optimisation / Marketing (SEO/SEM) through a thorough keyword package construction.

Social media / Digital content (long and short form) & Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Writing for digital differs from writing for print. Effective digital copy is concise (not necessarily short) and clear (easy to grasp).


Offered as part of our copywriting services, our SEO approach takes what we are already engaged in (for example, ghostwriting) and augment it with Search Engine Optimisation. Whilst this service can be undertaken in a standalone manner, copywriting has to be approached from a “customer touchpoints” perspective. That being said, your whitepaper, speech or thought leadership article for that matter, needs to be discovered, read and perused.


Search engines love content that is rich in keywords but their bots are programmed to penalise keyword dumping by pushing your site ranking lower than it should be. The key is to create content that is authentic, engaging and interesting.

Our process

We preserve the integrity of your message in a relevant, highly readable and accessible manner to your customers. Where necessary, we will also include links to relevant content for further discovery on a certain topic, as they will add value to a customer/site visitor.


In addition to drafting digital content and ensuring that important keywords are included in the copy, we will concurrently incorporate tags into text and images, both of which will increase online “discoverability”. Especially so for images, these tags increase accessibility for visitors and when the search engine bots crawl your site for keywords pertaining to these tags, this action will boost the ranking of your site.


The purpose of whitepapers is to present content that is well-researched on a topic with the aim of providing a service or product to solve a problem.


Typically, whitepapers are presented as part of a digital sales strategy to showcase authority on a subject area. This is done as part of lead generation and whilst whitepapers were commonly used in the public service in times past, they are now being employed by private entities, NGOs, and even individuals.


When it comes to whitepapers drafted for our clients, we seek to persuade through findings and key facts before segueing to selling. There will be a certain amount of jargon especially for technical whitepapers, but they should only appear in the paper because of the nature of the topic rather than to impress with knowledge.

Our process

There are three categories of whitepapers – technical, commercial,  and a hybrid.


We begin by building a strong case for a particular methodology or benefit in its utilisation.


We unfold our case through a gradual learning curve approach, especially for technical whitepapers. This is so that readers can follow along without finding themselves on a sudden deep end.


As far as possible, to manage the technicalities, we endeavour to humanise and elucidate the technical with simplicity and clarity.


We end our whitepapers by nudging customers  to find out more about a product/service, thereby opening the opportunity for sales leads to be generated.

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