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SYL+JAS Consultancy leads in Brand architecture, Brand identity, Brand messaging & positioning, Brand naming, nomenclatures & taglines, Brand personality / tone of voice, Brand strategy, Brand style guide


From launching new brands to reinvigorating old ones, and from providing strategic advice to dissecting brand issues leading to fruitful outcomes, we’ve got you covered.

  • Brand architecture

  • Brand identity

  • Brand messaging & positioning

  • Brand naming, nomenclatures & taglines

  • Brand personality / tone of voice

  • Brand strategy

  • Brand style guide

Our process

Our approach is immersive and collaborative. It involves introspection, discovery, exploration and creative optioning, from a strategic perspective.

Here is how we immerse ourselves with your business and brand:

Problem discovery

The key to solving a problem is to identify it correctly. This starts with our kick-off meeting that comes with a combination of the following: interviews with stakeholders, questionnaires, market research, competitive analysis, and content strategy. Arising from the discovery meeting, a creative brief to address the problem is drafted for approval.

Market research

Whilst this is not a necessity for every project, we will engage our partners in it to provide guidance, expedite consensus, and confirm that our decisions are on point.

Brand positioning

Coupled with an understanding of your brand purpose and vision, we will develop your brand’s messaging and positioning framework which will serve as an internal working document and the strategic foundation of your brand. This document will serve to unify the messaging for your brand personality and tone of voice.

Design of identity

Building upon the foundation laid in the brand positioning, segue into designing the visual expression of your brand identity. There will be options in the design solutioning and upon zeroing in on a direction, we will refine the creative and art direction leading to its application and eventual launch.

Development of brand guide

Following the conclusion of the design phase, we will codify your brand identity into a digital brand guide. This will allow you to provide guidance on the correct and consistent application of your new brand assets. We take a digital-first approach to the brand guide development to give you the latitude to update or expand on its contents at a later stage.

Development of visibility vectors

From your new brand identity, you will have the option of working with our Bureau to develop tactical components and downstream visibility vectors, including sales and marketing assets, signage, amongst others.

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