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Become a sought-after copywriter.

Copywriting is in its very essence, selling. Each billboard, magazine, radio, social media ad, or even a post from an influencer, is attempting to sell you something. Yes, even if it is just a model with a bag and nothing else but a logo.


Good salesmanship in writing is both an art and a science. It requires a dedication to sharpen your writing skills to connect better with your customers.


You’re reading this because you have a keen interest to learn and master this skill to help you market or sell your product / service through lucid writing. What is clear as we establish the objective upfront, is that you want your prospects or customers to read your marketing collateral (ad, post, etc) and respond to it positively. Conversion is the name of the game.


To be clear, this book is not a silver bullet answer to your sales problem. But it will make a difference between getting someone from merely clicking on your ad or eDM to actually following through with your Call-to-Action (buying / subscribing).

Why are we publishing this book?

We have condensed the copywriting secrets and best practices of top copywriters all over the world, along with the thousands of hours amassed through our industry practice serving multi-million as well as multi-billion dollar corporations into this neat collection that is both practical & actionable.

We believe that this book can go a long way in empowering aspiring copywriters seeking to sharpen their craft.

What did it take for us to do so?

Well, for starters, sweat, blood and tears in honing this craft and serving many big brands in the process of our copywriting, brand communications/design work (see our agency’s portfolio –


We are now making this accessible to you, categorised into segments that constitute the most common areas that you will face.


The trade secrets and honed craft of copywriting brand campaigns, ad headlines, Web copy, brochures, radio ads, video ad scripts, amongst other collateral, for big brands and renowned businesses, are now laid out before the most willing and hardworking aspiring copywriter to grab a hold of. 

Here’s our offer.

Our agency will make this resource accessible to you by providing you a huge discount.  


This discount will allow us to offset some of our agency’s expenses in putting this resource for you together. 


The typical investment for our Foundry’s coaching session is USD1,499.90.

We are taking a full 90% off our course price to price this book at USD 149.99. But for this promotional period, we are making it available to you at a greatly discounted

USD 49.99

Here’s how The Nonconformist’s Copywriting Bible works.

As the subtitle reads, this is probably the only one that might save you.


So don’t buy the book to decorate your bookshelf.


Read the book. Take a segment. Master that segment like your life depends on it. Then move to the next segment and wash, rinse, repeat.


Each actionable point may seem like just a paragraph or two, but because the thousands of hours of honing this craft have been translated into a simple actionable piece, it behooves your spending of time and effort to work at sharpening that area before picking up on another segment.

Here is what you will be getting in this book: 

* Actionable points through examples
* Over 100 pages of tricks, formulas that world-class copywriters have used.
* Additional resources available, digitally airdropped from time to time!

 The material presented in this book has been written in an execution-based, get-it-done style.

- Contents -

  • Thou shalt dos (plus ‘how to rebel’)

  • Working magic in your headlines

  • Overcoming biases

  • 8 (Fervent) steps to increase followers

  • Email copywriting

  • The 5 Lacks of Copy

  • Improving sales conversions

  • 40 darn good CTAs

  • Business writing

  • Blogging and content writing

  • Case copywriting

For your convenience, and ours..

We have made our book available on Amazon both in print and Kindle versions. At the moment, the paperback print version will retail at USD49.99. We will be changing our pricing back to a USD149.99 per copy on the print edition once our offer period is over.

Bonus Content

To top it off, we have made bonus content available in the book on Creating Personas. If you are into any form of marketing or sales function, an entrepreneur running your own business or startup, this is a chapter you must read. It has actionable insights on how you can take on defining your customer.

What are you waiting for?

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